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Download Jamalong 1 - 8 PDFs 









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Have some fun and try Improvise out here!

  1. Select 'Flying'. 

  2. Click on the piano picture for your online iPad piano and play along using the notes CDEG and A.

  3. Why not try this out on your class touch screen?

  4. AND/OR you can play this online guitar using any of these chords - C Dm Em F G Am Gm

(Updated, comprehensive guide on how to choose the best keyboard/ piano/ guitar at


Amber’s vision is to give blind and partially sighted children 
the best possible chance to fulfil their musical aspirations.

Setting up Guided Access for your online piano and making your computer keyboard pentatonic-friendly!

The Pentatonic Scale For Early Years

Resources for PMLD/SLD pupils using iPads - developed with Ivel Valley School & Ciltern Academy, Central Bedfordshire (Transformance Music Group)

Planning music for children with learning difficulties

About AUMI

Useful chords to improvise CDEGA with.PN

Making your own backing tracks iPad Musician: DIY Jam Track with GarageBand

Make up your own music accompaniments - chords compatible with C major pentatonic

Skoog and the Improvise Approach

Music is a vibration

The Short Guide to Accessible Music Education (Drake Music)

"Rollercoaster" - a bit of musical fun, speeding up and slowing down!


Yorkshire Youth & Music: Children & Young People with SEND (Author - Rebeka Haigh)

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EQUALS semi-formal (SLD) curriculum scheme of work

“MY MUSIC”’s the link to read a sample -

Available from EQUALS website - click pdf for order form

Guidance For Music Education Hubs - Developing an inclusive approach to the core and extension roles

Good Vibrations - Inclusive approaches for making music with deaf and hearing impaired children & young people

PMLD LINK - Summer 2010


A Short Guide to Working Inclusively Through Music