Making Music Creativity Accessible to All

with Carrie Lennard at



For students with severe mobility and physical challenges, active participation in music-making can be far harder to access.

In this 20 minute presentation, I will explain how iPad technology, combined with superior music apps, has opened up a new space for students to express themselves independently, through music.

I share my top 5 music apps and explain how to set up ThumbJam, which is my go-to music app and introduce you to my ebook, the Improvise Approach.

The improvise Approach grew out of a need to support my students with a simple musical structure to help build their confidence and encourage independent musical expression, and for staff to be able to easily run a music class when I’m not there.
It’s a way of working that is empowering for all abilities and a simple way of keeping your musicians harmonious and always in tune with each other. Because there are no wrong notes, it encourages students to explore and be brave with their independent music-making.

Over the last 9 years, I have used The Improvise Approach in many London schools and held workshops and training country-wide for school staff, parents, carers and NHS teachers.

I’ve seen firsthand, how profoundly life-changing it can be for people to make music in all contexts, and especially so for the students that I work with. The active independence and real joy they experience while making music with others is utterly inspiring.

Don’t go away at the end...there is an opportunity for a 5 minute Jam Session. If you want to join in, you’ll need the ThumbJam app.
(£8.99 and well worth it, me thinks!)