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Jamalongs with Carrie & Mowkee

 These jam sessions work alongside The Improvise Approach. 

The Jamalong sessions allow students time and space to improvise harmoniously with each other, within a repeated musical framework. 

The joy of always being in tune with each other, helps develop confidence and independence.

Each song has a picture and title/ theme to encourage easy recognition and imaginative play. 


Traditional musical instruments are often very difficult for our PMLD students to access. By using iPads/ iPhones with the ThumbJam app and optimum positioning for the needs of that student, they have access to use any part of their body, to play a wide range of musical instruments and have more control over what and how they play. 


It’s amazing to see the motivation that is created when a student realises they can play beautifully! It helps develop their hand-eye coordination, listening and communication skills, turn-taking...and so much more.

The well-being we all experience when are able to access music, must be accessible to everyone.


It’s our aim, that these sessions will help students/ staff/ carers/ parents....everyone, to make free, improvised, musical choices and give them the time to find their “inner muso”.

Richard Hirstwood's interview with us about our Jamalong sessions

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