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Music sessions and workshops are available for children and adults with severe, profound and complex needs from the Improvise Team. There is also training available for staff and carers. Sessions include songs, playing instruments and using music technology. iPads and instruments are provided. 

Contact us directly on 078156 42714/ 01424 4343991 or


Inclusive Workshop descriptions and prices for East Sussex (travel not included)

Aims of the Improvise Approach workshops are to...
  • highlight the ThumbJam app as an accessible (skin touch) musical instrument that provides easy accessibility with expressive capabilities. 


  • enable parents/carers/teachers to organise their own music-making sessions.

  • work alongside other instruments and technologies, making it inclusive for all.

  • give people with profound and complex needs, a true and dynamic experience of playing a musical instrument.


  • empower everyone to develop musical playing skills and discover musical understanding.

  • enable individuals to play together.


'Carrie's music resources have motivated every child I have worked with'

Carrie Lennard is a gifted music teacher and teacher-trainer with whom I have worked with for over 20 years. I have used her resources since I began teaching children with ASD, PMLD and SLD over 27 years ago. Carrie wrote the music for "Galaxies" and "Funfair", created "The Seaside" and "Body and Voice" and has now developed resources for the 21st century.

Her music resources have motivated every child I have worked with, even those who were very hard to reach. They were very effective in developing the children's communication, interactions and pleasure in music.

Carrie's latest resource, The Improvise Approach, has been used in the ASD, PMLD and SLD departments in my secondary special school. The young people love the activities and are very motivated to participate. The staff find them an invaluable resource. The activities are suitable for all P levels, including those at the earliest developmental levels while still being appropriate for our more able teenagers. The activities make use of some of the principles of Intensive Interaction and have enabled students to compose their own music.

You do not need any musical skills to use The Improvise Approach - all the information, music and pictures are provided.

Mary Kelly - Deputy Headteacher St. Ann's School, Hanwell, London

"Most definitely be able to use The Improvise Approach with my pupils. Easy to understand. Thanks so much. Lots of ideas on how to use this with our pupils."

Anthea Hawke (Great Ormond Street Hospital School)

"Yes, very easy to understand and lots of time to explore. Lots of ideas for resources, microphones, speakers etc."

Helen Green (Great Ormond Street Hospital School)

"Very straight forward to set up and even easier to play! It really only required the hour - I really appreciated that there was plenty of opportunity to play and explore. It's a way to make music confidently, no duff notes!"

Ruth Latchford (Great Ormond Street Hospital School)

"Yes, I'll be able to use The Improvise Approach with my students and it's very easy to understand. It was a fab presentation!"

Chloe Macleod (Great Ormond Street Hospital School)

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